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Businesses need vision. Kenny can help provide one along with the many steps to get there.​

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Your business needs the ultimate exposure. Kenny can help you coordinate events to increase your marketability. 

Do you know your purpose in life?

If most people answer this question honestly they would admit that they are still searching for their purpose. Legendary financial planning expert and entrepreneur Kenneth Lewis Sr. knows his purpose and it is to create 1000 new millionaires within the next 4 to 7 years. Will you be one of them? 

After spending 20 years with the New York Life Insurance Company always being among their top agents and having many record breaking years, he considers the highlight of his career to have been being a member of the Million Dollar Roundtable, Top of the Table. This distinguished honor was only held by 1 out of approximately every 2000 agents in the world. He retired in 1989 to continue his entrepreneurial endeavors. Mr. Lewis has been a multimillionaire for over 30 years, has created over 70 business and has spent over $20 million dollars looking for the ultimate business opportunity. He has found it and wants to share this opportunity with a few select individuals. Will you be one of them?  Looking for information from the interview I did on KYND1520 go to "Creating Millionaires" link above

Kenny's expertise spans a wide variety of industries. From the Travel industry to the Insurance industry Kenny has done it all!